Social Learning Summit 2022

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves with a string of bare lightbulbs hanging in front of them.

On 17 June 2022, we held our first annual Social Learning Summit, a daylong conference unpacking social annotation, from the latest research to annotating content across technology platforms to specific ways faculty are using Hypothesis with students right now.

The keynote and session recordings are below. Coming soon: clipped highlights and shared resources from the Social Learning Summit.

Transdisciplinary Transformations: a CTL Showcase of Social Annotation

How do various faculty use social annotation in their classrooms and in their disciplines? In this session, we unpacked the specific practices and pedagogies behind social annotation at five different universities. Attendees asked great questions in the chat as presenters took an in depth look at how social learning is creating community and transforming coursework — for students, for faculty and for education.

Wearing Leadership Bifocals in the Post-Pandemic University (Keynote)

COVID-19 disrupted higher education in unprecedented ways, but the post-pandemic (and ongoing pandemic) world is proving to be just as challenging — if not more so. This keynote provides practices enabling higher education leaders to be nimble, prepared and multi-skilled, addressing immediate challenges, while making the tough strategic decisions to ensure that colleges and universities remain viable and sustainable for generations to come.

Bringing the Margins to the Center: Introduction to Social Annotation

Social annotation engages students with course content and with each other. This session provided an overview of social reading and social annotation from two faculty scholars who, in addition to using social reading in their classrooms, have been conducting research on its history and pedagogical benefits. Panelists examined where social annotation has been, where it is going and how you can use it in your courses.

Learning by Annotating: What, How, and Why | Research on Social Annotation

What does the latest research say about the benefits of social annotation for students, for faculty, for learning? In this session, three experts unpack various social annotation data — from explanation and interpretation to application.

Social Learning Across Content

At Hypothesis, we are building a coalition predicated on the belief that people learn better when they are learning together. Digital content and technologies are opening up new opportunities for social learning, but students and teachers need tools that work the same no matter where they are, not different tools for different platforms. In this session on SLAC, which stands for Social Learning Across Content, we learned specifics on how social learning across content is happening in classrooms right now.

Closing Remarks From Jeremy Dean

Jeremy Dean from Hypothesis gave rousing closing remarks, inspiring attendees to implement the great practices and pedagogies they gleaned from each session of the 2022 Social Learning Summit.

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