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Discover the power of interactive learning. Our collaboration turns digital texts into dynamic spaces for engagement, understanding, and collaboration. Experience how Hypothesis enriches the content, encouraging students to dive deeper into their etexts and beyond.

The Power of Social Annotation:


  • Make Learning Active: With Hypothesis, students are more engaged, opening their etexts 3-5 times more. Our tools make studying interactive.
  • Tools for Every Teacher: Hypothesis works with all kinds of digital content – etexts, online articles, PDFs, websites, and even YouTube videos. It gives instructors the flexibility to enhance their lessons.
  • Community Learning: Hypothesis makes studying a group activity, helping students connect with their etexts and each other for a better learning experience.
  • Boost Critical Thinking: It encourages students to think deeply, ask questions, and analyze texts to improve critical reading skills.
  • Help Completing Assignments: Hypothesis makes reading assignments less overwhelming and more interactive, helping students not just start but finish their work.
Watch our instructional video for a quick overview of how to use Hypothesis with Bookshelf by VitalSource, making readings more engaging.

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Case Studies:

University Texas-Austin and University of Minnesota

Faculty noticed a significant increase in student engagement with eTexts within Bookshelf by VitalSource after implementing Hypothesis, including a 3-5X increase with eTexts throughout the semester. 

R1 Institution School of Pharmacy

After implementing Hypothesis over their scholarly reading, this institution noticed improvements in student comprehension, engagement with texts, increased class discussion, and increased PITS survey results.

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Hypothesis is now available to be used in Bookshelf by VitalSource.

When you add it to your course through Bookshelf, you’ll be able to use Hypothesis across all course materials including online articles, web pages, YouTube videos, and more.

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