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A Coalition of over 40 60 Scholarly Publishers

Today we’re announcing a coalition of over 40 scholarly publishers, platforms, libraries and technology partners that share the goal of building an open conversation layer over all knowledge. Over the next several years this coalition will be working together to define, design and implement a common framework for scholarly collaboration from peer-review through post-publication discussion, [...]

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Threading. When and why.

To encourage true conversation, people must be able to discuss annotations as well as creating new ones. We tested prototypes of several different options, and settled on a threaded discussion approach, similar to that used by Reddit, Hacker News and other sites. We're well aware that the choice between threaded and unthreaded discussion is a [...]

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Helmsley Trust Supports Open Annotation in Biomedical Research

The Hypothes.is Project together with partners at the Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF) and ORCID has been awarded a 3-year, $2.1M grant by the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust to bring annotation to biomedicine. Web annotations, a new standard for digital notes on top of an existing online resource, are proving transformative in [...]

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Annotations at the W3C

For a while now, a dedicated group of individuals has been working towards a web annotation standard-- the idea being that annotation is something that will be fundamental to the future of web and should be interoperable, and eventually incorporated into browsers. This effort began first as two separate groups, Annotation Ontology and Open Annotation [...]

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As of today, we're making our general purpose annotator available from our homepage. If you use the Chrome browser, you can download and install it as an extension. An equivalent extension for Firefox is coming shortly. The annotator allows you to bring note-taking and conversation capabilities to any page on the web. The application has [...]

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Older Browser Support in Annotator

Bill Hunt is a developer with the OpenGov Foundation, his article below is cross-posted from there. The Annotator Problem: New Tech in Older Web Browsers A few months ago, The OpenGov Foundation was awarded a grant from Hypothes.is’ Open Annotation Fund to add cross-browser support for Annotator, the tool powering inline annotation on government policy [...]

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Fund: Cross-browser Support

We are very proud to announce the first award under our Open Annotation Fund of $7500 to the Open Gov Foundation for work by Chris Birk and Bill Hunt for cross-browser support in Annotator. Their funded proposal is included below: Summary The OpenGov Foundation is dedicated to developing and deploying technologies that support every citizen's [...]

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An Open Annotation Fund

UPDATE: February 16, 2017. The Fund is not accepting new requests at this time. We are reviewing our approach to helping inspire and encourage the annotation ecosystem, and will update when that changes. Today we are formally announcing the availability of a $50k USD fund for Open Annotation software projects. Overview: Interest in annotation is [...]

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A Grant from the Knight Foundation

This is a cross-posting of an article that first appeared at the Knight Foundation Blog. Journalism is moving from something that a small number of professionals perform to something that citizens and journalists can collaborate on. The Internet has played the central role in enabling this trend, and emerging technologies can accelerate it. Open annotation, [...]

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Q2 Update

2013 has been an exciting year so far. We last sent out news in January. Moving forward we’ll be providing quarterly updates. Launch time We are working on a few remaining features necessary before we begin a gradual release process this fall. Beginning in September we’ll be testing annotation in a number of college classrooms [...]

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