Meet Via

We’ve streamlined adding your thoughts to the Web. Our new home page features a field for pasting in any URL and annotating it. We call this system Via. Via simplifies the sharing and creation of annotations, highlights, and comments without the need of a browser extension or bookmarklet. Once you’ve left an annotation on a [...]

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Threading. When and why.

To encourage true conversation, people must be able to discuss annotations as well as create new ones. We tested prototypes of several different options, and settled on a threaded discussion approach, similar to that used by Reddit, Hacker News and other sites. We're well aware that the choice between threaded and unthreaded discussion is a [...]

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Introducing Math

We are creating an annotation technology that can be used to enrich human knowledge. Today we take another step forward: Hypothes.is now supports math typesetting. You can now place beautifully formatted equations and mathematical symbols into annotations. To use math in your annotations, simply enclose supported LaTeX commands within enclosing \( .... \) for inline [...]

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Helmsley Trust Supports Open Annotation in Biomedical Research

Hypothesis, together with partners at the Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF) and ORCID, has been awarded a 3-year, $2.1M grant by the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust to bring annotation to biomedicine. Web annotations, a new standard for digital notes on top of an existing online resource, are proving transformative in diverse [...]

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Annotations at the W3C

For a while now, a dedicated group of individuals has been working towards a web annotation standard-- the idea being that annotation is something that will be fundamental to the future of web and should be interoperable, and eventually incorporated into browsers. This effort began first as two separate groups, Annotation Ontology and Open Annotation [...]

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As of today, we're making our general purpose annotator available from our homepage. If you use the Chrome browser, you can download and install it as an extension. An equivalent extension for Firefox is coming shortly. The annotator allows you to bring note-taking and conversation capabilities to any page on the web. The application has [...]

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Open Annotation RDFa using Hypothes.is JSON

The Open Annotation Core Data Model is something we're keen to include in future Hypothes.is releases. We're exploring using it via JSON-LD natively in AnnotatorJS. Along the way, we're experimenting and growing our understanding of the specification. RDFa allows us to mix the Open Annotation Core Data Model into existing HTML markup. In an effort [...]

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Supporting Open Annotation

In its mission to connect the world’s knowledge and thoughts, the solution Hypothes.is pursues is a web-wide mechanism to create, share and discover annotations. One of our principal steps towards this end is providing a browser add-on that works with our annotation server, enabling people to read others’ annotations on any web page they visit, and to [...]

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Let’s get building!

This week saw Nick Stenning's first week at Hypothes.is. Nick previously worked at Open Knowledge, where along with Aron Carroll and Rufus Pollock he was one of the authors of the open-source Annotator library we use in Hypothes.is. Nick is joining us to continue what he started with Annotator in 2008, and will be helping [...]

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Welcoming Aron Carroll

Earlier this summer Aron Carroll joined the team here at Hypothesis. That makes this post a little overdue, but no less enthusiastic. Aron has a solid history of interests and work extremely relevant to our team here and the broader annotation community. Recently, Aron worked at Readmill fine tuning their user experience through data-driven improvements [...]

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