Get a Free Pilot Through Fall’s Uncertainty: Anchor Student Reading With Annotation

By frannyfrench | 13 September, 2021

From now till the end of September, schools that are not already using Hypothesis formally can start free fall pilots with full support from Hypothesis. Although the term has started for most, there’s still a lot of uncertainty from one day to the next about how it will all play out; where we teach could be a shifting reality. But the question of how we can teach to engage students in reading is clearer than ever — hint: it begins with “social” and ends with “annotation.”

Contact us to find out more about getting started using this dynamic and adaptable tool that has transformed teaching and learning in a multitude of disciplines and at many different types of institutions, from large universities to community colleges, to small liberal arts colleges, and K12 schools and districts. Anchor your class discussions with #SocialAnnotation, a transformative pedagogical practice that makes reading active, visible and social.

Start using Hypothesis in your LMS and learn more about pricing for your school.


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