New Search Capability: Find All Annotations on Any Website

By Katelyn Lemay | 24 October, 2018

Two screenshots of our new domain-level search functionality. Searching “url:*” returns annotations across all of, yielding 2,926 matching annotations at this time. Searching "url:*/us/politics/*" returns annotations on all NY Times US Politics articles, yielding 496 matching annotations at this time.As a website owner or someone researching annotations broadly, you may want to find public annotations on pages across an entire website. Previously, you would have needed to perform a separate search for each page. We have recently implemented domain-level search, which enables you to find annotations across all pages of a website with just one search.

For example, you could find all annotations made on eLife articles by searching:

* and _ operators allow you to broaden or narrow your search results by matching character sequences and individual characters, respectively.

Like other Hypothesis search operators that enable search by group, tag and user, this new domain search capability is available through our API and at

See our domain-level search article for more details on how our new search features work.

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