An Open Annotation Fund

UPDATE: February 16, 2017. The Fund is not accepting new requests at this time. We are reviewing our approach to helping inspire and encourage the annotation ecosystem, and will update when that changes. Today we are formally announcing the availability of a $50k USD fund for Open Annotation software projects. Overview Interest in annotation [...]

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Welcoming Benjamin Young

This Monday we added Benjamin Young to the team as Developer Advocate. Developer Advocacy is a key role in spreading knowledge and know-how among developers, encouraging use of world changing ideas, and generally banging the drum about the greatness of something. We believe the Web is super great, and it could be even better [...]

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I Annotate 2014, Reprised

Hypothesis hosted the second I Annotate meeting in San Francisco from April 3-6, and we think it was a tremendous success. I Annotate brings together the worldwide annotation community to share developments, insights, challenges, and forge new connections. This year there was a marked sense of progress from last year, with a noticeable move from [...]

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Major Award From the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Hypothesis is pleased to announce a major award from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to advance "Open, Digital Annotation for Scholarly Communication." The award will support work with our partners, the American Geophysical Union (AGU), which is international in scope; eLife Sciences, an open access journal jointly funded by the Max Plank Society, the [...]

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Open Book 2014

This weekend, a group of about 50 developers met at the historic NY Public Library for the Open Book 2014 Hackathon with the goal of imagining a new future of digital books, as well as advancing the open source and open API building blocks needed for diverse ecosystems of authors, designers, developers, publishers, libraries, booksellers, [...]

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Books in Browsers IV

Amidst the temple-like setting of the Internet Archive, and the Frankfurt Book Fair, with the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, swissnex San Francisco, and many sponsors, held the fourth edition of Books in Browsers, the leading summit for the cutting edge of innovation in publishing. Over 200 attendees gathered to hear over [...]

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Open Ebooks

Digital publishing is one of the most exciting and most depressing areas on the web. "Exciting" because we are witnessing the dawn of a revolution in communications, and "depressing" because the revolution is too often proprietary. At, we want the revolution to be open. My goal this summer was to enable open annotation in [...]

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Re-Engineering Government

During a time of intense political change and government dysfunction, a focus on open government—bringing transparency to government affairs and information, while facilitating engagement by citizenry in the governing process—is on everyone’s mind. On October 4, with the federal government in full shutdown mode, a hardy band of open government advocates, public officials and civic [...]

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A Grant from the Knight Foundation

This is a cross-posting of an article that first appeared at the Knight Foundation Blog. Journalism is moving from something that a small number of professionals perform to something that citizens and journalists can collaborate on. The Internet has played the central role in enabling this trend, and emerging technologies can accelerate it. Open annotation, [...]

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Annotating the law

This last week, coordinated our second "tiger team," convening communities likely to have a strong interest in open annotation, interaction, and new forms of access. Our first tiger team was on journalism; our most recent event, on annotation and the law, was co-hosted by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. [...]

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