Webinar 24 Jan 2018: Hypothesis Annotation in PubFactory

Webinar 24 Jan 2018: Hypothesis Annotation in PubFactory

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In our joint webinar with Sheridan PubFactory on Wednesday 24 Jan 2018, we focused on the simple steps to add open, standards-based annotation into PubFactory publications with Hypothesis, the organization that brought the world open-source, standards-based annotations and runs the largest service of its kind with over 130K users and 2.5M annotations.

During the webinar, Director of Partnerships Heather Staines explores how Hypothesis collaborates with PubFactory publishers to support and host annotations that enable authors, editors, invited experts, and readers to engage in discussion directly on a publication’s version of record. Sheridan’s Director of Platform Services Tom Beyer shows how easy it is to integrate Hypothesis into PubFactory and talks about how Hypothesis annotation fits in with the PubFactory platform.

The webinar starts with a short presentation, including key publisher use cases, the benefits of interoperable, standards-based annotation, a live demo of annotation capabilities, an overview of options, including annotation groups and UI customization, and how to get started with annotation in PubFactory. The second part of the recording includes a discussion of questions provided by attendees.

You may have missed the live webinar, but you can watch the recording below or on YouTube and view or download the slides to learn more about integrating annotation into your publications. When you’re ready, contact Hypothesis and join other organizations using open annotation with their publications.

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When you’re ready, contact Hypothesis and join other organizations using open annotation with their PubFactory publications.

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Hypothesis is a mission-driven organization dedicated to the development and spread of open, standards-based annotation technologies and practices that enable anyone to annotate anywhere, helping humans reason more effectively together through a shared, collaborative discussion layer over all knowledge. Hypothesis is based in San Francisco, CA, USA, with a worldwide team.

Hypothesis has developed its open-source annotation software in collaboration with many partners and funders, including specific projects to augment groups and authentication capabilities with eLife, to enable annotation on EPUBs with NYU, the Readium Foundation, Evident Point, and EPUB.js, and many others. We thank our funders, partners and community for working with us to advance standards-based, interoperable annotation for all.


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