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Can I annotate Google Docs?

Google Docs that have been published to the web can be annotated in the published view. If you plan to...
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Who can see my annotations?

Annotations in the Public Layer Annotations are public by default and can be seen and shared by everyone. This includes...
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What is the via proxy?

The Hypothesis proxy, at https://via.hypothes.is, automatically adds Hypothesis annotations to web pages. This is useful if: You want to share...
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What is the license on annotations?

Public annotations are published under the Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain Dedication. The CC0 Public Domain Dedication allows free copying,...
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How do I change my username?

Please send a request to support@hypothes.is with the username you want (along with a backup in case your desired username...
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How do I delete my account?

We’re sad to see you go! Send a message to support@hypothes.is from the email address associated with your Hypothesis account. When...
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How do I report abuse?

Should you come across an annotation that violates our terms of service or community guidelines, you can click the Flag icon...
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Where’s my activation email?

Please check your email spam folder. If the Hypothesis activation email is there, please move it to your inbox, since...
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