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When creating an annotation, you can use the toolbar above the text editor to add basic formatting along with links, images, equations, and YouTube videos. You can also format your annotations using Markdown— this help article serves as a “cheat sheet” for using Markdown syntax in the annotation editor.

Want to print this sheet out? Here’s a printable PDF.

Style Syntax Example Result
Headings # H1

## H2

### H3

# Largest heading 

## Smaller heading 

### Even smaller

Largest heading

Smaller heading

Even smaller

Bold **text** or __text__
**This text is bold**
This text is bold
Italic *text* or _text_
*This text is italicized*
This text is italicized
Strikethrough ~~text~~
~~This text has been struck through~~
This text has been struck through
Blockquote > quoted text
Here’s a quote:
> quoted text
Here’s a quote:

quoted text

Ordered list 1. First item
2. Second item
3. Third item
Favorite colors:
1. Blue
2. Purple
3. Green
Favorite colors:

  1. Blue
  2. Purple
  3. Green
Unordered list – First item

– Second item

– Third item

Grocery list:
- Coffee
- Tea
- Milk
Grocery list:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Milk
Inline code `code`
Run make dev to start the server
Run `make dev` to start the server
Horizontal rule
Starting a new section


(notice the empty line between the text and horizontal rule)

Starting a new section

Previewing your annotation

You can click “Preview” in the annotation editor toolbar to see what your formatted annotation will look like:

…and you can click “Write” to continue editing your annotation:

Troubleshooting annotation formatting

  • If you are copying annotation text from another source (Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc), paste the text without formatting. You can do this with Option+Shift+Command+V for Macs or Ctrl+Shift+V for PCs.
  • Ensure there is an empty line between paragraph text and horizontal rules.
  • Experiment with hitting Enter or Return once vs. twice if you encounter line break issues.
  • Consult the GitHub Flavored Markdown spec or create a ticket to get help from the Hypothesis team.

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