Adding Videos to Your Annotations

The Hypothesis editor allows you to embed videos directly in your annotations.

Also see our articles on adding links and images, using Markdown, and formatting annotations using LaTeX.

Adding videos

You can always link out to videos hosted anywhere on the web following the steps for adding a link. However, Hypothesis is also able to embed Youtube, Vimeo, and Flipgrid videos directly into your annotations.

1. Copy the video URL and paste it into the annotation text editor

Paste URL for video directly into annotation editor

2. Click the Post button to save your annotation

Video embedded in annotation

The video will embed automatically, allowing it to play directly within the annotation sidebar.

Troubleshooting embedded videos

Video unavailable. Watch on YouTube.

Some embedded YouTube videos may show the message “Video unavailable. Watch on YouTube.”

Video unavailable error

This error may occur on videos that contain copyrighted content when using the Hypothesis Chrome extension. It seems to occur because no Referer header is sent to YouTube. Chrome extensions purposefully do not send Referer headers.

Hypothesis users who are using our bookmarklet or Via proxy will not see this error.

To work around this issue you can link to the video by formatting the URL as link, rather than pasting it directly in the annotation.

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