Formatting Annotations with LaTeX

Formatting Annotations with LaTeX2021-09-17T14:34:32-07:00
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The Hypothesis editor supports LaTeX formatting markup, allowing the use of advanced math and scientific typography within annotations.

Also see our articles on using Markdown, and embedding links, images, and videos.

If you’re wondering what LaTeX is or what it’s used for, here’s a pretty good primer.

We use the KaTeX library to render LaTeX. Here is a full list of supported functions and notation.

To use LaTeX formatting in Hypothesis, simply begin and end the markup with two dollar-signs ($$). For example: $$\sum_{\mathclap{1\le i\le n}} x_{i}$$

You can also use the editor toolbar:

  1. Click the ∑ icon and note the prompt to Insert LaTeX
  2. Enter your LaTeX markup between the double-dollar-signs
  3. Click the Preview link to view how the markup will be rendered

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