Installing the LMS app for Sakai at the Course Level

Installing the LMS app for Sakai at the Course Level2019-08-02T17:26:41-07:00
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This guide provides instructions for installing our LMS app in an individual Sakai course site. We also have guides for those who wish to use our app in Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, and D2L.

1. Generate Credentials

Visit our form to generate credentials. Once you provide basic contact information you can generate credentials for your Sakai domain:

Required fields

The LMS Domain is the basic web address you use to access your LMS (i.e., The Email field can be any valid email address that belongs to you.

Canvas-specific fields

Leave the Canvas Developer Key and Canvas Developer Secret fields blank.

Your credentials

After you fill out the form, click Generate Credentials. You will see a screen that looks like this:

Don’t close this tab/window! You will need to copy and paste these credentials later in the install process.

2. Go to Site Info > External Tools


3. Click Install LTI Tool

This is usually found in the upper right corner of the External Tools page:


4. Fill Out the External Tool Form

You will be using default settings, unless otherwise indicated.


Fill out the following information:

  • Tool Title: Hypothesis
  • Button Text: Hypothesis
  • Launch URL:
  • Launch Key and Launch Secret: acquired in Step 1
  • Privacy Settings: Check both boxes
  • Services: Check boxes for Provide Roster to External Tool and Allow External Tool to store setting data

The app needs access to the information granted in Privacy Settings and Services in order to create accounts and groups using the LMS roster.

Click Save.

The app will now be successfully installed for your course site. You may wish to consult our help article on Using the Hypothesis LMS App with Lessons in Sakai.

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