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Instructors will see a Blackboard Files option when creating a Hypothesis reading assignment only if this option has been turned on at your school. To make sure this is available in your school we need to work with your Blackboard admin. Please fill out a support ticket here to help us get in touch with someone at your school who can help.

Adding PDFs to your course Content Collection

Hypothesis’ Blackboard Files integration works with PDFs stored in Blackboard’s “Content Collection” within your course. Students need permission to view these files, so follow the steps below to ensure that the PDF is uploaded and is accessible by students.

1. Under “Content Collection”, click on your course name

2. On the Course Content page for your course, click on “Upload” and then “Upload Files”

3. Click “Browse Local Files” and upload one or more PDFs

4. When you’ve finished selecting PDFs to upload, click “Submit”

5. Click on the permissions icon next to each file you uploaded

6. Check the list of user types that have permissions to use the file

If students are listed and have “Read” access, the file is ready to be used!

7. If students do not have “Read” permissions then click “Select Specific Users by Place” and then click “Course”

8. Select the “Student” Role, make sure the “Read” Permission is selected, and click “Submit”

9. Confirm students now have permission to read the PDF

Select PDFs from Blackboard Files during the assignment creation process

You can find in-depth instructions for creating a Hypothesis-enabled reading in Blackboard here.

Once you’ve created the content item in Blackboard, click on it to finish setting up the reading. If the Blackboard Files integration is enabled then you will see three options with the middle being for Blackboard Files.

From there you will be able to select a PDF from your Blackboard course Content Collection, which will then appear in the Hypothesis-enabled reading.

What if I get an error when selecting PDFs while making the Hypothesis assignment?

The Hypothesis error: There are no PDFs in this course indicates that Hypothesis is unable to find any PDFs in Blackboard Course Files.

Please follow the directions above to add PDFs to the Content Collection in your course.

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