Annotation in Teaching and Learning Propels Hypothesis to 4 Million Annotations

By Nate Angell | 30 October, 2018

Hypothesis badge labelled with Less than six months after recording three million annotations in April, and just over a year and a half from our one millionth annotation, we are proud to announce four million annotations, led by strong engagement from students and teachers in another record-breaking fall academic term.

While open annotation across the broad community supported by Hypothesis goes beyond teaching and learning to include areas like scholarly publishing, research in the sciences and humanities, and journalism and fact-checking, we continue to see usage patterns clearly tied to course-based use in academic terms. Fall 2018 is the fifth term in a row where we’ve seen substantial growth over the same semester a year earlier.

If you are already using annotation in teaching and learning or want to get started, now is the time to connect and prepare for upcoming academic terms. Led by our Director of Education Jeremy Dean, Hypothesis is expanding our offerings for education with new capabilities, advances in key areas like accessibility, and formal programs to support institutions implementing annotation. Get in touch with Jeremy any time to start a conversation.

Attendees at EDUCAUSE 2018 can join Jeremy and other members of the educational annotation community in Denver this week 30 Oct–2 Nov, including at our Wednesday panel “Annotation as Infrastructure for Next Generation Digital Learning Environments“, and our four poster sessions Wed–Thu where we’ll take you “Beyond the Discussion Forum: Engaging Students with Collaborative Annotation“. In addition to EDUCAUSE, conference attendees and Denver-area educators can RSVP for our Friday annotation summit at University of Colorado Denver, where you can connect with peers at other institutions working with annotation, learn about and share annotation use cases, explore existing and new research on the impact of annotation in education, and find out how you, your colleagues, and your institution can get started or expand annotation in partnership with Hypothesis.

Even if you can’t be in Denver this week, join our collaborative annotation of EDUCAUSE documents about key issues in education, including:

There are even more opportunities to meet with Hypothesis at EDUCAUSE: Visit our full schedule of sessions, open office hours and evening socials. If we don’t connect in Denver, reach out to Jeremy and we’ll set up direct contact.

To date, Hypothesis use in education has been driven by a widespread community of pioneering first adopters. We are now focused on providing a seamless workflow to enable more people to start using annotation to make reading active, visible, and social. Expect us to reach the next million annotations in short order.

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