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Creating Hypothesis-enabled Readings in Blackboard Ultra

This article is for creating assignments in Blackboard Ultra. For the corresponding Blackboard Learn page see Creating Hypothesis-enabled Readings in Blackboard Learn. Note: The following assignment creation workflow assumes that an administrator has previously added Hypothesis as an LTI Course Content tool as described in Installing the Hypothesis LMS app for Blackboard: Administrator Guide. [...]

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Enable the Hypothesis Integration With Blackboard Files

Who is this guide for? This guide is for people with administrator-level access to their institution’s Blackboard instance. If you are not an admin please feel free to put us in touch with one by creating a Support ticket here. Note: This integration requires your school is using Blackboard version 3700.13.0 or newer Once [...]

By |2021-10-05T07:28:19-07:0028 Jul 2021|

Troubleshooting Error Messages in the LMS App

Something went wrong: Unable to fetch grade Hypothesis couldn’t find the file in the course (Canvas) Hypothesis couldn’t find the file in the course (Blackboard) Couldn’t get the file from Canvas Authorization failed - Something went wrong when authorizing Hypothesis invalid_client Something went wrong: Unable to fetch grade Additional details in the error message may [...]

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How to Assign Hypothesis Readings to Small Groups

Hypothesis reading assignments allows all students in a course or Section to annotate, as well as read and reply to annotations posted by all other students in the course or Section. If you wish to break the class up into smaller cohorts to read and annotate in separate groups there are several options available depending [...]

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Using Canvas Groups to Create Hypothesis Reading Groups

Note: This feature requires use of a Canvas Developer Key. For other methods to implement reading groups in your LMS, see How to Assign Hypothesis Readings to Small Groups. Hypothesis allows you to create small reading groups using Canvas’ built-in Groups functionality, which provides enormous flexibility to build and manage your own student reading groups. [...]

By |2021-10-07T11:27:27-07:0016 Jul 2021|

Using Hypothesis With Blackboard Course Files

Before you begin Instructors will see an option to Select PDF from Blackboard when creating a Hypothesis reading assignment only if Blackboard administrator in your institution has followed the directions in this article. If this option is not visible, please fill out a support ticket here and we will work with your Blackboard administrator to [...]

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Copy Annotations to a New Course

This article is intended primarily for instructors who have created a scaffold of initial annotations over multiple Hypothesis assignments in one course, and wish to reuse this scaffolding across other courses and academic terms. The ability to copy annotations from one course into another is not yet a feature in our LMS app, though we [...]

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Using Rubrics in Canvas with Hypothesis

Canvas does not currently allow a rubric to be added to an existing LTI assignment. However, we have found that using the instructions below provides a workaround to this limitation: 1. Create a new "On Paper" assignment Navigate to your Assignments page and click the "+ Assignment" button Select Submission Type as On Paper Scroll [...]

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Re-Upload a PDF to a Canvas Course

Occasionally you may see an error when opening a Hypothesis Canvas assignment: Hypothesis couldn't find the file in the course. Students may also encounter a similar error: Couldn't get the file from Canvas The usual fix, and the first one to try, is to re-link the PDF to the assignment. Occasionally, however, this does not resolve the [...]

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Formatting Annotations with LaTeX

The Hypothesis editor supports LaTeX formatting markup, allowing the use of advanced math and scientific typography within annotations. Also see our articles on using Markdown, and embedding links, images, and videos. If you're wondering what LaTeX is or what it's used for, here's a pretty good primer. We use the KaTeX library to render LaTeX. [...]

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