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Michael DiRoberts, Customer Support Engineer at Hypothesis, taught for eight years before leaving the classroom and joining an edtech startup. He’s helped districts build rollout plans, provided training and support, and helped with data and technical tasks. He enjoys playing music and learning more about data.

Grading Student Annotations in Sakai

The Hypothesis LMS app has been integrated with Sakai’s Grades, making it easier to assess student annotations. The integration singles out each student’s contributions to a conversation on a document and enables instructors to enter a grade for an annotated reading assignment. Note: During the process of creating a Hypothesis-enabled content item, you should be [...]

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How to Assign Hypothesis Readings to Small Groups in the LMS App

Canvas users can use our Sections integration to separate students into groups Unfortunately, Canvas doesn’t allow any external tools to be used with Canvas Groups. Hypothesis has an integration with Canvas Sections that will allow you to create groups of students in a Section and have the annotations those Sections create remain separate from each [...]

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How Do I Rotate a PDF in Hypothesis?

Hypothesis uses the PDF.js viewer, which is the same PDF viewer used in Firefox. This viewer contains controls that allow you to rotate the PDF. We’ve noticed that some users accidentally rotate the PDF while annotating. To fix this, simply press the ‘r’ key on your keyboard. This hotkey rotates PDFs in the viewer and [...]

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Creating Hypothesis-enabled readings in Blackbaud

1. Under Assignments, click “Assignment” 2. Name your assignment, and in the “Select An Assignment Type” drop down, choose “Homework” 3. In the “Learning Tool” drop down, select “Hypothesis” 4. Set up grading information if you’re using it, and then click Save. 5. Click on the assignment item you just created and then launch [...]

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Installing the Hypothesis LMS app for Blackbaud

Who is this guide for? This guide is for people with administrator-level access to their institution’s Blackbaud instance. Are you having trouble getting Hypothesis installed in Blackbaud? Please contact us! Before you install Hypothesis you may wish to review the LTI parameters we use. You can find them here. 1. Fill out our form and [...]

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Now that you’ve got your Hypothesis-LMS integration up and running, here’s a few frequently asked questions to help you when you need! You are always welcome to get in touch with us by: Creating a support ticket by sending us your environmental information, or Filling out the form on our Get Help page FAQ for [...]

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Installing the Hypothesis Chrome Extension in Microsoft Edge

On January 15th, 2020, Microsoft released a new version of their Edge web browser that is based off of Chromium, the same software Google uses to make Google Chrome. Because of this, the new version of Edge can install extensions from the Chrome Web Store, including the Hypothesis Chrome extension. If you have the newest [...]

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I forgot to make my LMS assignment gradable. How do I change it?

When creating a Hypothesis-enabled reading in Blackboard or Moodle, you'll have the option to make the reading gradable. If you forget to take this step, or don't enable grading and later change your mind, you will need to change the assignment configuration and ask your students to re-launch the assignment. 1. Make sure your class [...]

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