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Currently, Hypothesis isn’t compatible with Canvas’ Course Import tool (though we do plan to add support for this in the future!). When you import content from another Canvas course that includes Hypothesis-enabled readings, this may result in students getting stuck in a loop where they are repeatedly asked to “authorize” the Hypothesis app.

If you are teaching with Hypothesis and have imported content from another Canvas course, please follow the steps below.

For Assignments:

After you have imported content from your other course site:

  1. Open the Assignment and click “Edit Assignment Settings”
  2. Under “Submission Type” – “External Tool”, click the “Find” button
  3. Click “Hypothesis”
  4. Select the option that will get you to where the document is stored: URL, Google Drive, or PDF.
  5. Choose the document and then click the “Select” button in the “Configure External Tool” window.
  6. Save the Assignment.

Note: This will need to be done for each Hypothesis-enabled Assignment that has been imported.

For Module Items:

Module Items will need to be deleted and re-created. Please see our help article for instructions on creating Hypothesis-enabled Module Items.

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