Can I use Hypothesis with Firefox or other browsers?

Which browsers are supported by Hypothesis?2020-05-27T09:55:33-07:00
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The Hypothesis Chrome extension, Bookmarklet, and LMS application work within any modern web browser (a version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, or equivalent released within the last 12 months). Note that as of 1 July 2020, Hypothesis will no longer support Internet Explorer.

For LMS app users:

Once the Hypothesis LMS app has been installed at your institution, you do not need to add anything to your browser in order to use the app.

For non-LMS users:

Our Chrome extension is recommended for Chrome users. You can use Hypothesis in other browsers by installing our Bookmarklet our using our proxy service.

Learn how to install the Bookmarklet.

Learn how to install the Google Chrome extension.

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