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Lessons from the Canvas Alpha Test: Deepening the Instruction of Deep Reading

Canvas Panda presents the Hypothesis app We’re wrapping up the first semester of testing on the new Hypothesis Canvas app in about a dozen classrooms around the country. We’ve had a great group of alpha testers who’ve bravely experimented with this prototype and offered us invaluable feedback that has already informed our development. [...]

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Annotating PDFs Without URLs

For sometime now, you've been able to annotate PDFs using Hypothesis, both on the web and locally, with hosted PDFs syncing with local instances and various local instances syncing with each other. Jon Udell wrote about this magical feature here over a year go. For those that tried it out, however, there was one annoying snag, especially [...]

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Involving Page Owners in Annotation

UPDATE to a previous post "Preventing Abuse". UPDATE (2017-02-26) In 2016 we held a panel discussion on this subject at I Annotate. In light of recent events (here, here, and here), Hypothesis launched a small research initiative to gather different points of view about website publishers and authors consent to annotation. Our goal [...]

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Preventing Abuse

UPDATE (2016-05-24) "Involving page owners in annotation". Recent events (here, here, and here) have prompted us to rethink how the technology we are building can be used not only to discuss and enlighten, but also to harass and abuse. Here's the heart of the matter: most web annotation systems, ours included, don't currently provide [...]

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The Annotated FAQ

A few weeks ago we published a frequently-asked questions page at In the time-honored tradition of the internet FAQ, we want ours to be a living document that evolves as we add features and interact with users. That tradition is often more honored in the breach than the observance, but we have an ace [...]

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Introducing Groups

Our mission here at Hypothesis is to enable a conversation over the world's knowledge. So far that's been a public conversation. But some conversations need to flourish in private spaces. You've always been able to create private annotations that only you can see but, until today, not annotations visible only to a group. That's what we're launching [...]

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Synchronizing Annotations Between Local and Remote PDFs

People are sometimes surprised to learn that can annotate PDFs. They're even more surprised when they learn you can annotate a local copy of a PDF in a way that synchronizes with another local copy and/or with a web copy of the same PDF. Here's a browser with a local PDF in one tab [...]

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Cross Format Annotation

In 1960 I had a vision of a world-wide system of electronic publishing, anarchic and populist, where anyone could publish anything and anyone could read it. (So far, sounds like the web.) But my approach is about literary depth-- including side-by-side intercomparison, annotation, and a unique copyright proposal. I now call this "deep electronic literature" [...]

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