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Using the Hypothesis app through VitalSource for Instructors

The Hypothesis app through VitalSource lets you use the Hypothesis LMS app at schools that meet the following criteria:

  • You are an instructor in one or more courses in your school’s LMS.
  • You have the VitalSource LTI tool (sometimes called Course Materials) installed in your LMS course.
  • Your institution is purchasing access to Hypothesis through VitalSource, instead of through a partnership agreement directly with Hypothesis (common in VitalSource Inclusive Access schools, but also in other situations).

If you meet these criteria, here’s how to get access to the Hypothesis LMS app in your course.

1. Let us know you’re interested!

Fill out this form and send it to us! You’ll get an email from us soon with the information you’ll need to add Hypothesis to your course.

2. Adopt the Hypothesis app in your Course

Adopt the hypothesis tool alongside your other course materials in VitalSource. VitalSource schools use a variety of methods during this adoption.

If your school uses Verba Collect to manage adoption of VitalSource texts and tools you can reference this VitalSource help article.

In your Collect dashboard adopt additional materials.

A screenshot of the Verba Collect instructor view, with courses visible. A course has been selected, so the Sidebar has opened listing the course and saying

Click “Add new materials” and search for the Hypothesis app. If you can’t find it you may need to revisit step 1 in this guide.

The Verba Collect course page.

Click on the app, and then click “Add book” and click the toggle next to “Are you interested in adopting this title into inclusive access”. Once you’ve clicked the toggle, click “Apply”.

The Verba Collect modal popup is visible, with the title

Review and Submit your choices. The Hypothesis tool will now be available within your course!

Sometimes VitalSource adoption is done through your school’s Bookstore. If this is the case you’ll reach out to your campus Bookstore representative to have Hypothesis added to your course.

If your school allows adoption through the Course Materials LMS app, you can follow these steps to find and then add the Hypothesis app to your course.

3. Determine if you’re able to launch the Hypothesis tool directly, or if you need to launch it through the VitalSource tool

Some schools will have the Hypothesis tool installed in their LMS already. If this is the case then after you adopt Hypothesis in your course via VitalSource you can start creating Hypothesis-enabled readings in your LMS using these instructions.

If the Hypothesis tool is not already installed in your LMS then you may need to either use the existing VitalSource external tool to launch Hypothesis, or you may need to ask your school to install the Hypothesis tool.

4. Read the Hypothesis LMS articles to learn how to create readings in your LMS

Visit our Resources page for links to LMS-specific articles as well as assignment ideas.

5. Help your students get started with social annotation

In addition to the assignment examples you’ll find on the LMS pages above, students often benefit from the following articles. Review them and choose the ones you think will help your students the most!

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