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Collaborative Resource Curation

Recently we decided to keep better track of tweets, blog posts, and other web resources that mention and discuss our product. There are two common ways to do that: send links to a list maintainer, or co-edit a shared list of links. And here's a third way, less common but arguably more powerful and flexible: tag the web resources in situ.

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Overview of the Hypothesis System

Introduction Hypothesis delivers a set of components and capabilities that work together to enable a wide range of annotation-powered applications. Here we provide an architectural overview. The major components are: An annotation viewer and editor that runs as an overlay in the browser ("the client"). An annotation service that stores, searches, and displays annotations, manages [...]

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How Annotation Enables Machine Learning

Acknowledgement of uncertainty is one of the core principles of rational inquiry. We're more likely to trust news sources that signal their credibility by upholding that principle. If news aggregators can detect and process that signal at scale, they can help me separate the wheat from the chaff. But how will we teach them to do that?

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How Hypothesis interacts with document metadata

Hypothesis uses common metadata conventions to identify and alias documents so we can sync annotations across multiple versions of the same document. Among the metadata conventions used are: Search-oriented HTML tags DOI-related HTML tags PDF metadata PDF-related HTML metadata Some of these conventions are deployed to guide search engines; others to help organize scholarly literature. [...]

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