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Installing the Hypothesis LMS App

Choose your LMS below to install and use Hypothesis: Blackboard Brightspace Canvas Moodle Sakai Schoolology (Note: Each of these guides will instruct you to fill out our form to generate credentials. If you've already done that part, you can skip to the next step.)

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Installing the Hypothesis LMS App for Blackboard

In Blackboard, the Hypothesis LMS app can be installed by administrators for the whole institution, or by instructors on a course-by-course basis. For instructions on installing the Hypothesis app for Blackboard, please see: Installing the Hypothesis LMS app for Blackboard: Administrator Guide Installing the Hypothesis LMS app for Blackboard: Instructor Guide You might also find [...]

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Creating Hypothesis-enabled readings in Blackboard

The process for creating Hypothesis-enabled readings in Blackboard differs depending on whether an admin has installed the app or an instructor is using the app without a Blackboard admin installing it for them. If an administrator has installed the app: 1. Make Hypothesis Available in the course site a. Go to Customization in the course [...]

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Installing the Hypothesis LMS app for Blackboard: Instructor Guide

1. Fill out our form and generate credentials During the assignment creation process you will be asked to provide a Consumer Key and Shared Secret. To generate these credentials, open a new tab or window and fill out our form. Once you provide basic contact information you will be directed to a page where you [...]

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Installing the LMS app from the Canvas App Center

The Canvas App Center makes installation of LMS apps simpler for Canvas users. To install the Hypothesis LMS app from the Canvas App Center: 1. Access the App Center through your Settings page In the Course or Account navigation menu, click on Settings: On the Settings page, click on Apps in the top menu: 2. Search for the [...]

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Moderation for groups

The creator of a Hypothesis group will have moderation privileges for that group. The workflow is as follows: A user flags an annotation for review by the moderator. They do this by clicking on the flag icon at the bottom right of the annotation card:  The group creator receives an email saying an annotation has [...]

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Which Canvas API Endpoints Are Used by the LMS App?

The Hypothesis LMS application includes an optional feature for Canvas which allows users to select PDFs from their Canvas course file repository. Enabling this feature requires creating a Canvas developer key before proceeding with app installation. When the File Picker feature is enabled, it accesses certain Canvas API endpoints. Please see our LMS app repo [...]

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Which LTI Parameters Are Used by the LMS App?

The Hypothesis LMS application requires a number of LTI parameters to be sent from your institution's LMS. Please see the Hypothesis LMS repo on Github for a full list of required LTI parameters along with explanations for how and why each parameter is used.

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Canvas File Picker Button is Missing

If you correctly entered Canvas Developer credentials during the LMS app install process, you will see a "Use Canvas File" option when creating a Hypothesis-enabled assignment or module item: If the "Use Canvas File" button does not appear, that means something went wrong during the app installation process: Did you use a Canvas Developer ID [...]

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