Hypothesis Annotation: Now in Microsoft OneDrive

Hypothesis Annotation: Now in Microsoft OneDrive

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Good news: Based on feedback from our community, we have made another product update for use in learning management systems (LMSs): Our social annotation app now enables annotation on PDFs stored in Microsoft Sharepoint and OneDrive, adding to our existing capabilities to annotate public web pages and PDFs stored in Google Drive, Canvas Files, and Blackboard’s Content Collection.

This product update is a microcosm of a macrocosm, one in a series of past and future steps toward our overall goal of annotating content that lives everywhere.

Yet another recent gain toward that ultimate aim is the creation of Social Learning Across Content, or SLAC, a coalition of educational content creators, technology platforms, service providers, and stakeholder groups that are working together to establish user-friendly, interoperable best practices and solutions for cross-platform social learning. SLAC will be working to make it possible for social learning tools like Hypothesis to work with any content anywhere: in any file storage service and with any eText reader, including textbooks available from any publisher and books and articles provided by any library service.

In keeping with our mission and ethos of openness, we have always collaborated with partner institutions, like those that have joined the AnnotatED community, to ensure that we continually understand user needs. So thank you to everyone who reached out about the desire to access and annotate PDFs stored in OneDrive. We will continue to improve our product based on your invaluable feedback — so please keep it coming!

For details on how the new Microsoft OneDrive option works in your particular LMS, you can refer to the relevant knowledge-base article below:

As always, feel free to contact our Support team with questions.

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