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Michael DiRoberts, Customer Support Engineer at Hypothesis, taught for eight years before leaving the classroom and joining an edtech startup. He’s helped districts build rollout plans, provided training and support, and helped with data and technical tasks. He enjoys playing music and learning more about data.

What are annotation “orphans” and where are they?

What are “orphans”? When you make an annotation in Hypothesis, it anchors itself to the text in the page. When you come back to that page, we look for that same anchor text, and if we find it, add a highlight and link that to your annotation. However, sometimes the content of web pages and [...]

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How Hypothesis Search Works

When you navigate to the Hypothesis Activity Page you can see annotations and filter them by user, tag, group, URL, or keyword. This includes your annotations, annotations saved to “Public” by anyone, and anyone’s annotations made in a Group of which you are a member. Note that replies are not currently included here, but we [...]

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How I do I check and make sure my PDFs have different fingerprints?

For each PDF you want to check: Open the PDF in Chrome   Activate the Hypothesis extension   Click the "<" tab to open the sidebar. Then click on "?" and then "About this version"   The PDF Fingerprint is towards the bottom, marked "Fingerprint". The PDF fingerprint is a long string of numbers and [...]

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How to make copies of a PDF with a different fingerprints

The ability to assign the same PDF to small groups of students, rather than having the whole class annotate together, is a feature we’re in the process of developing for our LMS app. In the meantime, you can follow the directions below as a workaround.  What is a PDF fingerprint? PDFs contain a digital signature [...]

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Why can’t I find my PDF annotations?

How can I see my PDF annotations in context? When you add annotations to a PDF, you’re able to go back to them later to view, share, and edit them in context. How you view those annotations in context will depend on where the PDF is located: The PDF is stored on your computer The [...]

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