Meet the Hypothesis Team That Made 3 Million Annotations Possible

2017: A Remarkable Year for Annotation

2017 was a landmark year for Hypothesis and open annotation. Catch up on a year's worth of annotation news and learn more about the latest progress in our mission to enable a conversation over the world's knowledge.

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Welcome Heather Staines, Director of Partnerships

I couldn’t be more thrilled to join the Hypothesis team as Director of Partnerships. As I wrote in my initial reachout to Hypothesis, sometimes you feel as if you have been preparing for something your entire life, as if there was a plan that you were aware of only subconsciously. My long winding road through scholarly content, ed tech, and standards finally makes sense: Hypothesis was the plan!

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Marketing Hypothesis

I'm incredibly excited—and deeply honored—to be joining the team at Hypothesis, where I'll be leading marketing: My first—very short—story for Hypothesis is about how the idea of a common platform for digital annotation first captured my imagination, embodied in the idea of a personal notebook. My notebook links to all the places online where I engage, but lives with me. Instead of being scattered across the world, my collected notes and references would be in just one place where I could always find them, flip through my pages, add new thinking, and—most powerfully of all—share and connect with other people. I started with this simple story, but Hypothesis and the people it connects are already telling many stories, with so many more to come.

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Welcoming Sean Hammond

Sean Hammond joined the team here at Hypothesis this month. Before joining Hypothesis Sean was a developer and documentation and technical training lead on the CKAN project at Open Knowledge - empowering citizens by creating and promoting the open source platform for open data. Previously Sean was lead developer for Find Me, an early iPad [...]

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Back from Budapest headed to Hungary this January for some seasonal face-to-face time with our team. Tackling the problem of Web Annotation remotely works great most of the year. These face-to-face meetings give us a chance to understand more about our team than our tech. We focused on moving off our fork of Annotator 1.2.6. We achieved [...]

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Welcoming Aron Carroll

Earlier this summer Aron Carroll joined the team here at Hypothesis. That makes this post a little overdue, but no less enthusiastic. Aron has a solid history of interests and work extremely relevant to our team here and the broader annotation community. Recently, Aron worked at Readmill fine tuning their user experience through data-driven improvements [...]

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Welcoming Benjamin Young

This Monday we added Benjamin Young to the team as Developer Advocate. Developer Advocacy is a key role in spreading knowledge and know-how among developers, encouraging use of world changing ideas, and generally banging the drum about the greatness of something. We believe the Web is super great, and it could be even better [...]

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Welcoming Peter Brantley

As moves from an early concept to a functional prototype and ultimately to a deployed application, it is essential that we organize ourselves to understand the primary communities of interest that we're targeting. Of these, the scholarly community (scholars, scientists, journals, publishers and their various institutions) is certainly the most important. Members of this [...]

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