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thumbnail for Liquid Margins 28 with the Liquid Margins logo and the words "A Look Back at Liquid Margins"

In this special year-end episode of Liquid Margins, hosts Franny French and Nate Angell will curate and recap their favorite moments from the show. Join us for this retrospective look at all 27 episodes, going all the way back to the show’s inception in 2020.

Thumbnail image for Liquid Margins episode 27, with headshot images of guests Emily Ragan, Addie Clark, Robin DeRosa and Monica Brown

Join a conversation centered around open pedagogy and the relationship between social annotation and open educational resources (OER) with Robin DeRosa, Monica Brown, Emily Ragan, and Addie Clark.

Liquid Margins 26 thumbnail with the words "Social Annotation and Health Professions," and stacked to the right of that are photos of episode guests Danica Sumpter and Rachel Derr.

On Liquid Margins “Bodies of Knowledge: Teaching Health Professions With Social Annotation,” we discuss the ways in which social reading is leading to student success in one of the most popular majors.

thumbnail image for Liquid Margins 25 with images of guests Chris Kervina, Mary Traester and Nicole Holton Brathwaite and the words Social Annotation for Student Writing

Meet us on the liquid margin for “Empowering Student Writing With Social Annotation,” as guest educators unpack how to use social reading to engage students in writing.

Liquid Margins recording thumbnail image with headshots of guests Jenae Cohn and David Serna and the words "Anchoring Community With Annotation"

This fall, once again, we are afloat in a sea of uncertainty. Will we be face-to-face? Hybrid? Hyflex? Or just high anxiety? No matter where we find ourselves in autumn, one thing’s for certain: We can anchor class community in reading using social annotation. Join us as we share the screen with educators who have long been using social annotation to make reading active, visible, and social.

thumbnail for Liquid Margins 023 with pics of guests Mela Lewandowski, Eric Hagan and Robyn Foshee and the words Successfully Implementing Social Annotation

Just in time for fall, join us for a timely discussion with instructional designers on best practices for rolling out Hypothesis social annotation at your school. Topics will include goals for your pilot, steps to implement the pilot successfully, communication strategies, and engaging faculty on ways to use social annotation in the classroom. 

thumbnail images of Morgan Jackson and Joe Dillion and the words "Social Annotation in High School"

Social reading is increasingly making its way into K12 schools. On this episode of Liquid Margins, we’ll be joined by Morgan Jackson and Joe Dillon, high school teachers who focus on reading, writing, and literacy. We’ll discuss their methods and practices for teaching with social annotation, and all the ways secondary school educators can use the margins to build reading comprehension and classroom community.

Thumbnail image with the words "Online and On Campus Annotation" and images of Liquid Margins guests John Stewart and Mary Isbell

In 2020, schools around the world scrambled to adopt tools to enable remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many teachers found new ways to engage their students in reading using Hypothesis social annotation. Discover how the benefits of reading together with annotation go beyond remote learning.

Liquid Margins title "Making Sense of Science With Social Annotation" and thumnbails of show guests Melissa McCartney, Erin McKenney, and Carlos Gollerf

This special edition of Liquid Margins coincides with our free AnnotatED workshop kicking off OLC Innovate 2021. Join us at 8am PT along with educators presenting at OLC Innovate for a conversation anchored in texts, showing how social annotation builds understanding, connections, and community. Or hop on at 9am PT for Liquid Margins as we meet up with educators using social annotation to help students read, interpret, and comment on scientific texts.

The words "Social Annotation in Canada" and thumnail images of Fergal O'Hagan and Olga Andriewsky

Social annotation is gathering momentum all around the globe. In this episode of Liquid Margins we “travel” to Ontario, Canada, to discuss how the pedagogical practice is gaining traction in Canadian higher education. We're joined by Associate Professor of History at Trent University Olga Andriewsky and Trent University Department of Psychology Associate Professor Fergal O’Hagan.

Thumbnail image for Liquid Margins 018 with the words Social Annotation Case Study and images of Brandon Marshall, Kat King, and Maritez Apigo

This episode of Liquid Margins traces the story of social learning and student success in the Contra Costa Community College District, where weaving social annotation in as a teaching practice has significantly increased student engagement and learning outcomes.